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Townsville, Queensland
Townsville was established in 1865 and it covers an area of 140.2 Townsville is located on the North-eastern coast of Queensland. If you are looking for the largest urban area in Australia, then Townsville is the place to be. Townsville is also considered the unofficial capitals of North Queensland. This town has all types of governmental offices, community centres and business headquarters. As the largest urban area of Australia, Queensland has a very high population density. The population density in Townsville, Queensland is around 1061 people per
There are number of attractions in Townsville, Queensland. One of the popular attractions in this suburb is Riverway, which is a parkland situated on a riverfronts of the Ross River. This parkland also houses a very large tropical aquarium. Another popular attraction that comes to everyone’s mind at the mention of Townsville, Queensland is The Strand, this is a tropical beach, which also houses a garden. Magnetic Island is yet another popular attraction in this suburb, which is a national park.
The population of Townsville as of 2011 was 217,897. The average age of the residents in Townsville is 34. There are 56,827 families in this suburb and the average number of children per family is 1.9. There are 92,413 dwellings in this suburb and the average number of people per household in this suburb is 2.6. The average weekly household income is $1,295. The average weekly rental in this suburb is $260. The population of the children in this suburb is 21.1% and the population of people that are over 65 years is around 11.3%. The married population is around 45.4% and the unmarried population is 37.9%. The most common ancestries in this suburb include Australian, English, Irish, Scottish and Italian. The people with Australian roots are 30.3%, around 26.7% of the population has English roots. People with Irish roots are about 8.5%. People with Scottish roots are about 7.3%. Around  4.8% of the population share Italian roots. In terms of nationalities, around 81.3% of the population is Australian born, 2.5% of the population is UK born, 2.3% of the population is New Zealand born. Other nationalities in this town include Italians and South Africans.
As far as religion is concerned, around 30% of the population is Catholic. Around 20.2% of the population is atheistic and the Anglican population is 18.4%. Languages other than English spoken in this town include Italian, Tagalog, German, Greek and Filipino. Around 63% of the population in this suburb have full time jobs. Around 25.6% of the population has part time jobs. Unemployment rate in Townsville, Queensland is 5.1%. Most of the residents in Townsville travel to work by car. Only a minor population in this town use public transportation and it comprises of just 2.2% of the overall working population.

Around 88.7% of the dwellings in this town are private occupied dwellings and of these around 82.5% of the dwellings are separate houses. Just about 11.2% of the dwellings are flats or apartments.
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