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This is where you can count on us at Australia’s favourite florist, Lily’s Florist Townsville when you want to send someone special their favourite flowers. Our same-day delivery option allows you to send a lovely gift at a moment’s notice. Whether the event calls for a show of deeply emotional sympathy, an expression of joy, or just a warm gesture, a floral delivery can be so perfect. Most floral bouquets require just light and water, while in exchange, they offer beauty and a vibrant or quiet sense of optimism.

Ever since we first appeared on the floral marketing scene in Australia, we have made every effort to attend to the special flower requirements of the local Townsville flower market. Our objective has always been to be your #1 got to place for everything gifts and flowers - with great service thrown in. This is why we continually ensure flower arrangements and packages are available to suit all occasions and events.

We at Lily's Florist Townsville observe the highest possible levels of quality control with every one of the flowers we deliver; as a result, we are known far and wide as Australia’s favourite florist.

Besides, where better to share your experience of that perfect choice of beautiful flowers than in a vibrant and bustling city like Townsville.

Our floral gifts, especially if they are a favourite choice of flower, are an exquisite sweet gesture. They are a way of sharing love across an expanse, and many plant gifts, having graced a living room or dining room table, thrive when replanted in the garden, creating a lasting testament to the gift you sent. Sending flowers in Townsville is a wonderful way to show how much you care.

Obviously, if you are in Townsville and want to give someone you love that wonderful gift of happiness, be always mindful you will be secure in the knowledge that our accomplished florists at Lily’s Florist will go to great lengths to establish a long lasting rapport with you to ensure you receive the best flower arrangement, and at the best value.

Knowing that our products are completed with the utmost excellence, showing compassion to detail and skill, you can rest assured Lily’s Florist Townsville is fully supported by a team of accomplished florists who know exactly what you require in flowers and gifts. You see, we feel that partnering with the finest Townsville florists on site, we are able to demonstrate we have constantly the best flower arrangements and products that money can buy.

And would you believe our florists are so totally into in what they do in bringing out the best with every flower arrangement, that our reputation for producing the most enchanting flower bouquets in Townsville is known in all quarters? 

Why, you may ask? Well, our florists are continually undergoing education in the floral industry, and in turn, Lily’s Florist Townsville is able to update its products from the latest trends and new practices to suit any situation that may arise. Our proud florists are well-appointed with superior skills so that the latest trends in the floral industry are always updated to suit your special needs.

Clearly, Lily’s Florists stands on its reputation as a co-operative environment and we can confirm that everyone is forever willing to go the extra mile by designia working atmosphere that is as delightful and bright as the flowers we deliver! And having the vibrant and bustling city of Townsville at their fingertips, our florists show pride in their loyalty with our profession, as much as we are proud of their excellent abilities as florists. With such, we are committed to delivering the freshest selection of beautiful flowers on the same day as you order, because we believe no time deserves to be ignored.

Rest assured our flowers are delivered to your doorstep, not only in and around Townsville, but Australia wide; as we apply a unified approach to our online ordering system, we are able to calculate clients’ orders from all over the world, and have the floral order delivered.

    This means your flowers will be delivered by the most qualified and reputable florist in town.


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